(1903 - 2001)

"As soon as you are affected by what goes on around you, well, you get lost. And since one has to gamble his whole life, at the end everybody is a loser. Because I think that nobody succeeds really. I mean that in a case like Cezanne himself, his hope was such that he never reached his ideal. But in the process he did something extremely significant. So in the end that is the nature of art, it continues, goes on forever. Nobody can say, "This is it". Everything is it. Everything. So you cannot decide that this is the thing because when you think of music, let's say, well, you cannot say that Mozart's music is Music; it is part of Music but it is not Music. Music is more than that and goes on... So this is the nature of the arts: that nobody ever can find the final solution. You open a path and you go to a point and there you stop, and then from there is another path and it goes on forever."

                                                           - Esteban Vicente