(1907 - 1961)

"Paraphrasing a quote of Cezanne's about Impressionism, Browne wrote in his notebook in 1954: "I would like to make Abstract Expressionism into something solid like the art of museums." At another time, he noted: "I sometimes paint the object more, I sometimes paint the object less. But by all means I must paint the object." He admitted: "I care nothing for style, that bugaboo of the arts used by dealers for commercial purpose. I am only interested in interpreting nature in every possible way I can." Browne's art of the mid-forties and fifties coincides with many of the directions and experiments of the Abstract Expressionists. Yet he had a mind of his own and never completely yielded to the vogue for angst-filled canvases without figurative imagery. He remained faithful to a more classical approach and never renounced his optimistic ties to nature."

                                                                  - Gail Levin


Beach at Night II

1955 Casein tempera and India ink on paper 20 x 26 inches